Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Balochs are victim of Pakistani State crimes, Sehrish awaits justice

No one knows the definition of anguish, pain, melancholy and torture better than Sehrish Baloch.
Sehrish, an 18-year-old student, lost almost every member of her family through unnatural deaths within a short span of few years. Her father died in his 40s due to a cardiac arrest. A year or so later, her mother and elder sister had a car accident near Bolan. Her sister died on the spot and her mother was critically injured. She fought a week for her life before dying on a hospital bed in Quetta.
With worst socio-economic indicators in Balochistan, Sehrish still doesn’t hold the state responsible for the death of her father, mother and sister. She still doesn’t think that if there were a hospital in her hometown, better road structure in Bolan or better facilities in Quetta hospital, her father, sister and mother could have been saved.
But there is an abduction, a series of trauma and a brutal murder of which she knows who are the perpetrators. She knows who is behind a murder that vanished her only and last reason to live. She knows who is responsible for the loss that made her forget all earlier bereavements because this was much brutal than earlier ones. Sehrish does not have to search the blood on someone’s hands because she knows who are abductors and killers of her brother, Zubair Sarparah Baloch, 24, who was murdered a little more than a year after the death of their mother and sister.

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