Friday, June 22, 2012

Seeds of distrust, Mir Noordin Mengals interview in The International Resource Journal

Noordin Mengal is an activist in pursuit of independence for
Balochistan, a mineral rich province in southwestern Pakistan
bordering Iran and afghanistan. The Acrimonious Relationship between leadership in Balochistan and Pakistan’s ruling establishment in Punjab province and government centre, Islamabad, goes back for generations. Mengal claims that members of his family, many who occupied various senior roles in the Balochistan government since the province was absorbed into Pakistan in 1948, have faced harassment, imprisonment and duplicity. Moreover, the human rights situation in Balochistan is becoming increasingly violent as abuses intensify. Academics, politicians and other civil society leaders have been found murdered with evidence of torture after being detained by Pakistan’s military. Amnesty International has urged the Pakistan government to investigate these crimes against Baloch civilians, particularly as the human rights violations take place against a backdrop of political unrest and Pakistan army operations in the province
The following  links to Noordin Mengals interview  to the International Resource Journal, published on page 112.

The following is a PDF version.

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