Saturday, July 28, 2012

‘Baloch's human rights being badly violated in Pakistan & Iran

 Two representatives of Balochistan in Iran and Pakistan have claimed that the Baloch were facing human rights violations in both the countries. Nasser Boladai and Noordin Mengal made their claims during their visit to Brussels to raise awareness about the continued human rights violations against the Baloch in both countries, and to urge the European Union (EU) to protest against their systematic suppression by the Iranian and Pakistani regimes. According to the Daily Times, the Baloch representatives engaged in constructive dialogues in a series of meetings with members of the European Parliament, European officials, political advisers and human rights organisations. Boladai and Mengal explained in detail about the severity of the human rights violations by the military which included, arbitrary arrests, continuing disappearances, torture, targeted killings, dumping of mutilated bodies among others. The representatives stressed that the Bloch living in both the countries had limited access to education and basic services such as electricity and water, and had restrictions on their freedom of association and expression also.

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