Monday, July 16, 2012

Pakistani state sponsored Jihadi terrorists demonstrate against NATO forces in Balochistan

A note from BHRC: These fundamentalist Jihadie terrorists are the agents of Pakistan's notorious intelligence agency ISI. They are on pay roll of Pakistan army & ISI.  Army & ISi uses them as a tool whenever they need them.. World must know that non of them are Baloch. They are imported from outside Balochistan to show that Baloch are Islamic jihadi fundamentalist and are against the Nato forces and America. It is a failed attempt from Pakistani State to tarnish the secular & liberal vision of the Baloch to the civilised world But the main purpose is to Blakemail the west and United states to pay more Dollars to Pakistan to crush these anti west groups. It is high time that international community must comprehend Pakistanis double games & hypocrisy in the war against terrorism where it is taking dollars as an ally to fight terrorism but creating more Taliban terrorists to bully its neighbours and the civilised world..The international community should not forget the fact that Pakistan is not only a mortal threat to the existence of the Baloch as a national entity; it is also a threat to whole civilized world. It is the bastion of international terror and cause of instability in south and central Asia. With its Islamic nuclear bomb and religious fundamentalist ideology, Pakistan remains a permanent threat to civilized nations.
 In fact Baloch will welcome Nato forces and UN intervention in Balochistan in order to stop Pakistani State terrorism in Balochistan and its heinous crimes committing against humanity in Balochistan
Thousands protesting Pakistan's decision to reopen the land supply routes for NATO forces in Afghanistan Sunday gathered at a border town as part of their campaign to mount pressure on the government to withdraw its decision. The two-day march was organized by a Pakistani alliance of dozens of religious and political parties in southwestern Balochistan province, bordering Afghanistan. It was the second long march by the Defense of Pakistan Council (DPC) as part of its countrywide protest against the July 3 decision by the government to reopen NATO supply line after nearly a seven-month suspension.  The first march between the eastern city of Lahore and the capital Islamabad ended on July 10 and the DPCplans a third march on the NATO's main supply route in the country's northwest on July 16-17. Pakistan had closed NATO supply line over the killing of 24 soldiers in a NATO airstrike last November. The supply line was unblocked following apology by the US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton over the losses of Pakistani security personnel. The decision promoted strong criticism from main religious and several opposition political parties and they are organizing marches and rallies in major cities against the reopening of the NATO supply routes."There is a flood of people in the march," Chief of the DPC, Maulana Sami-ul-Haq, told Xinhua on phone from Chaman, the border town in Balochistan province. Chaman, bordering Afghanistan's southern Kandahar province, is the one of the main two NATO supply routes in Pakistan. "The march is successful than the previous one," he said, adding that the public will "force the government to stop serving the interests" of the US and its NATO allies.

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