Friday, August 3, 2012

US asked to reach out to the Sindhi population in Pakistan

WASHINGTON: With the popularity of the United States inside Pakistan at an all-time low, an influential American lawmaker has asked the State Department to make efforts to reach out directly to the country's population, in particular the Sindhis. 
"Pakistan is a nuclear-armed Islamic state on the front line of several conflicts with so many extremist groups. Pakistan is a pressing international problem for us. My hope is that you are reaching out to the Pakistani people -- not just in Urdu, which is the politically correct language that the government and the ISI in Pakistan would have you use, but also in the other languages, particularly Sindhi," CongressmanBrad Sherman, said during a Congressional hearing yesterday. Sherman alleged that the people of Sindh, predominantly those who speak Sindhi language, have been under attack by governmental bodies. 
"That's why the government of Pakistan would just as soon you not use that language. They're so helpful in so many ways that perhaps you might want to ignore their advice," he said. 
"The US must reach out to Sindh, where the Sindhi language is spoken by more people than Urdu," Sherman said in his remarks at the hearing of the terrorism, non-proliferation, and trade subcommittee of the House Foreign Affairs Committee.

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