Sunday, September 23, 2012

Baloch Human Rights Council's annual session and Socio-Cultural event in London

Press release
On the occasion of 4th anniversary of the formation of Baloch Human Rights Council, a socio-cultural event was held in Feltham Assembly Hall in London on 15 September 2012. Baloch poets, writers, intellectual and political activist from all over the world participated in the event which was divided into 2 sessions.
The literary session was presided over by Waja Akbar Barakzai. The chief guest of the session was reknown Balochi linguist and researcher Dr. Nader Baloch from Italy. On the stage was also present distinguished Baloch intellectual and writer Dr. Naseer Dashti as the honorary guest. Hassan Hamdam, vice president of BHRC (UK) conducted the proceedings of the session.
Waja Ismail Mumtaz from Bahrain, Waja Aziz Baloch from Sweden, Waja Asghar Baloch, and Waja Hakeem Baloch recited their Balochi poems. President of Baloch Student and Youth Association (UK), Kambar Baloch in his speech analysed the importance of Language and national identity. Dr. Naseer Dashti discussed the relationship between literature and national liberation struggle. Chief Guest Dr. Nader Baloch summarized the role of various Baloch poets and writers in the Baloch national resistance. Waja Akber Barakzai besides rendering his recent poetry summarized the session.
The Musical evening was conducted by BHRC Secretary General Samad Baloch and THE MIR of UK Mir Ghulam Hussain.
Padink a well known international Baloch musical group based in Scandinavia headed by  Rustam Mirlashari, well known singer from Sultanate of Oman Ustad Allah Bakhsh Murad and Khaled Bashadur Baloch entertained the guests with singing famous Balochi lyrics and playing different Balochi musical instruments.
A huge no. of Baloch families from all over UK participated in the event.
Earlier on 14 September, 2012, BHRC held its annual session in University of London Union building. Delegates from all over the world attended the session and delivered their regional reports.
A comprehensive debate and exchange of views took place and future strategies of BHRC were discussed. Members of a new executive committee were elected from different countries.

Issued By:
Samad Baloch
General Secretary

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