Tuesday, January 15, 2013

The demand to hand over Balochistan to the army is laughable, if not lamentable

It is laughable, if not lamentable as well. The demand to hand over Balochistan to the armyreeks of abject ignorance on the part of those who are asking for it or perhaps, it is simply a rhetorical clamour from quarters suffering from self-induced amnesia or perhaps, it is a manifestation of our ashrafia’s infatuation with the army. Let me however, hasten to add, I am not talking about the grief-stricken Hazara Shias who lost nearly a 100 of their near and dear ones in the mindless massacre. They have every right to make any demand, which they in their emotional state of mind and heart feel, could stop the unending mayhem against their community
In the first place, how can you hand over to the army a province, which is already under its tight control? Secondly, the army has consistently failed to restore peace and order in that blood-drenched province and for decades now, a strident demand for its withdrawal has been made by politicians of all hues and colour, as well as by the civil society. In fact, the Baloch Liberation Front, which is waging a war of ‘liberation’ against the Pakistan Army is said to have come into being, in reaction to the army’s oppressive campaigns against the unarmed Baloch population, especially during the almost decade-long rule of General (retd) Pervez Musharraf.

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