Sunday, May 26, 2013

Pakistan conducts a military operation in Kech Distt. of Balochistan, killing,abducting un armed civilians & burnt their households

Pakistani military forces attacked two villages in the southwestern Kech district of the restive Balochistan province Friday, arresting locals, damaging property and dumping the body of a missing civilian according to Baloch rights activists. Activists who spoke to locals report that 200-300 Frontier Corps soldiers first attacked the small village of Gomazi in the Tump sub-district of Kech near the border with Iran. Locals claimed that FC soldiers came in dozens of vehicles and surrounded the village near dawn. They then proceeded to indiscriminately fire upon building, also using mortar rounds, resulting in over 10 houses being burnt as well as the destruction of several shops and a medical center. Locals also told of the abduction of three villagers by the FC after house searches. Pictures published on Facebook show the extent of the damage to buildings as well as burnt and smashed belongings. The FC force later attacked the nearby village of Malant, where activists claim three houses were destroyed as a result of more firing. The soldiers remain in the area according to activists, but have ceased their attacks and searches of houses.   In the wake of this unwarranted military operation local reported that Saleh Baloch, son of Haji Rahmat Baloch was critically injured as result of indiscriminate firing by forces and two brothers, Master Suleman Sahebdad Baloch and Umber Sahebdad Baloch were also abducted by forces from Cheribazar of Gomazi town. Sources also informed that seven houses were burned. So far the names reaching the media whose house were burned are Gulam Nabi Baloch, son of Haji Guharam Baloch, Abdul Baqi Baloch, son of Mussa Baloch and Ayub Baloch of Malant village. There house were burned to ashes after looting the jewels and valuables.
Meanwhile a statement by the opposition Baloch National Front’s spokesperson while verifying the attack on Gomazi also claims that three other civilians were killed in a raid by Pakistani military forces in Basima in Washuk district, northeast of Kech.  Courtesy API RIGHTS
View more pictures of the militry operation;

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