Sunday, May 26, 2013

Pakistan state's abduction,kill & Dump policy continues in Balochistan, 3 more mutilated bullet riddled bodies found

Umar Jan Baloch 24-5-2013
umer jan
BALOCHISTAN – May 24: Pakistani occupied forces continue their “killed and dump” policy in Balochistan. Today another mutilated body of Baloch missing persons was found in Gomazi area after the massive military operation in Gomazi and Malant of Tump Tehsil in Kech district. According to detail, after the military operation in Gomazi and Malant a bullet-riddled and tortured body of a Baloch missing person was found in Gomazi cross, he was identified as Umar Jan Baloch, son of Haibtan Baloch resident of Gomazi. Umar Jan Baloch, was abducted from Turbat Airport check post by Pakistan security forces and Frontier Corps (FC) on October 28, 2012 along with his brother Zahid Ali Jan Baloch and a relative Fida Ahmed Baloch. Umar Jan Baloch and Fida Ahmed Baloch went to Turbat Airport to receive their brother, Zahid Baloch, who was returned from UAE after three years, on a Sharjah-Turbat bound flight. After few days’ Pakistani security forces released Zahid Baloch and Fida Ahmed Baloch, but Umar Jan Baloch whereabouts were unknown till his body was found today.
asim faqeer-abdul rauf-balochBALOCHISTAN – 26 May: Today another two brutally tortured bullet-riddled bodies of Baloch missing persons found in Nazirabad district of Balochistan. Mutilated dead bodies identified as Asim Baloch son of Faqeer Mohammed Baloch resident of Nizarabad, Tump district and Abdul Rauf Baloch son of Raheem Bakhsh Baloch resident of Malikabad. Sources said, Asim Baloch was abducted on February 02, 2013 by Pakistani security forces when he was on his way back after attending the BNF rally in Turbat. He was abducted by forces in front of his wife and Children. Abdul Rauf Baloch was abducted from his house in Malikabad on 14 May 2013.

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