Sunday, July 21, 2013

Gone missing, Found Dead!

195641646571Grief stricken families of thousands of Baluchistan’s youth are made to think that does the UDHR (Universal Declaration of Human Rights) harness over the people of Baluchistan? Just like a person feared of losing something ,An army of a million is focusing Baluchistan, a province of just 6 million people. From Panjgur to Lasbela, Mastung to Kech, into the length and breadth of Baluchistan , the Baloch freedom fighters are hunted like deer by the Pakistani Army with the help of Air Controlled operations. The land of Houbara Bustard (The bird is only found in Canary Islands and in Baluchistan ) and the finest Date Palm is been colored red with the blood clots of Baloch youth. Extrajudicial killings and disappearances of Baloch youth continue unabated in Baluchistan with Army spokesmen denying like nothing had happened. The estimate is upto 11 thousand since 2002, however unofficial lists of some organized freedom fighting groups show up to 9 thousand of those who disappeared and found killed. I had a chance to talk personally to a victim family via social media, “ If you believe in some God, raise , raise voice for us, you will be granted blessings for that, they came , they put my brother onto a van, my 43 years old mother ran over to the van, she was trembling while she asked them to set my brother free, one soldier said “ Do not worry you all, if he did nothing against the state, he will be back, and even if he did, we will not kill him” would you believe after three weeks we got him dead just five miles far from my house, he was in blood with an anonymous writing, “ See what happens to those who challenge the writ of the state” Allahdad Mari went on weeping over and over. Suppressions never results positively , the Balochistan was an “ Expansion” instead of being an “Accession” , Baloch want freedom which can result no harm to the rest of Pakistan if understood broadly. Being sole proprietors of  60% of Pakistani Wealth, the generals with a cup of tea forget about feelings of a mother, father, sister  and brother.  One rebel is equal to a bundle of ammunition Pakistan Army has, with the passage of every passing day, Baluchistan is now generating tens of rebels.  The Lahore Times Read more: 

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