Friday, October 11, 2013

Pakistani Barbarism, 4 civilians killed, 9 injured by Pakistani military in earth quake areas of Balochistan

mashkey-pakistan-operationPakistani army brutality in Mashkay and Kharan the most affected areas of earth quake in Balochistan . 4 innocent civilians including one woman and 7 many others were injured due to Pakistani para military Ariel bombardment and mortar attack. Pakistan has denied all the international ngo's  including the UN agencies to provide help and assistance to the local quake affected areas  to hide its criminal, genocidal activities  of the Baloch in the area.. The injured included  2 women and 5 children.
From Social Media:  Mashkay: 1 dead, 9 including 5 children & 2 women injured in FC mortar fire in quake affected Nali area.

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