Tuesday, January 14, 2014

8 years Baloch boy is the latest Victim of Pakistan's Kill & dump policy in Balochistan

Photo: Extreme Graphic; The bullet riddle body of innocent child Chakar Baloch, he was killed and dumped by Pakistani Army
chakar-baloch-turbat-killed-by-pakistan-armyBALOCHISTAN: The Pakistani state “Kill and dump” policy of Baloch nation continues, 10 years old missing Baloch student extremely tortured body found in Kech District of Balochistan on Friday (Jan 10, 2013). A dumped dead body with so many torture marks on it has been identified as that of 10 years old Chakar Baloch – missing student from Balochistan. According to the sources, 10 years old Chakar Baloch, son of Kuhda Baloch, resident of Turbat was abducted by Pakistan secret forces from Fish Market Turbat on January 07, 2013 and his extremely tortured body found from Kech on Friday evening. Chakar Baloch’s family hails from Parom, shifted to Chitkan, Panjgoor after their village was bombed by Pakistan Army in recent military operation. Chakar Baloch’s family were continuously receiving threats from Pakistani secret forces & was compelled to leave Panjgoor to a safer place. Baloch Warna website reported on Jan 09, 2013, Pakistani security forces raided Turbat Fish market and abducted three Baloch including a teenage student Chakar Baloch on Wednesday. Later the other persons were released but young student Chakar Baloch son of Khoda Dost’s whereabouts are still not known.  From Social Media:

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