Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Baloch National Movement Protest in Berlin Germany against Mass Graves found in Balochistan

Berlin, Germany: A protest was held in front of the USA embassy in Berlin, Germany on 9 February 2013. Members of BNM Germany zone and activists of many other groups joined the protest. The protest was about the discovery of three mass graves in Tootak Balochistan. The activists were protesting against the silence of the world on the genocide of the indigenous Baloch people at the hands of Pakistani state forces. 169 bodies were recovered from these mass graves. Only three bodies had been identified by the identity cards which were found in their clothes. They were recognized as Qadir Baksh s/o Miskan, Mohammed Omer s/o Bhai Khan and Naseer s/o Bhai Khan. These three political activists were abducted by the State security forces from Awaran city at broad day light in October 2013. These three identified bodies were also enlisted with the Voice for Baloch Missing Persons. It is most likely that the rest of the corpses are of activists who had links with pro independence political parties. Since 2010 more than 750 Baloch activists have been victims of Pakistani State’s genocidal kill and dump policy. The protesters in Berlin demanded that the Pakistani authorities be brought to international criminal court for their war crimes and crimes against humanity. They also advocated that USA should stop funding Pakistani State as Pakistan is involved in crimes against humanity. The protesters said that it is pathetic that the Pakistani State has confiscated the dead bodies and does not allow any independent investigation; putting up such measures to cover up the facts about the mass graves. The protestors urged that an impartial UN team should conduct an investigation to expose the perpetrators of these heinous crimes. World Human Rights organizations should facilitate DNA tests to identify the bodies to reduce the agonies of the victims’ families.View more Pictures of the event:

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