Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Silence of the grave

 KHUZDAR: Tutak is an area of harsh contrasts. This observation is borne out by the beautiful landscape that surrounds Tutak — and the open graves scattered across it. A 55-kilometre drive out of Khuzdar, the area is surrounded by rugged mountains, apart from a few houses and lanes at the beginning. But as one moves forward, the mud houses are left behind and Tutak comes into view. It is a desolate area. There is not a single person or animal around Appointed by the Supreme Court to head a judicial tribunal earlier this month, Balochistan High Court judge Noor Mohammad Maskanzai was given a tour of the area. With Khuzdar Deputy Commissioner Abdul Waheed Shah in tow, the members of the tribunal quietly walked around, mostly picking up and ‘investigating’ things themselves — without gloves. Flown in especially from Quetta for the purpose, the investigating team was under-equipped without pen or paper, or a digital camera. As the team approached the graves, an unbearable stench filled the air. A red handkerchief was lying near one grave, while a few bones were found in another. The team could not determine whether they belonged to a human or an animal. The men would stop at each grave and look at the judge, expecting him to say something, but he would quietly move to the next.  Read More:

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