Sunday, March 23, 2014

EU should not remain silent over 'horrendous' human rights violations in Balochistan by pakistan

The increasing evidence of widespread human rights violations highlight the need for the EU to strengthen its role in the troubled region of Baluchistan, says Niccolò Rinaldi
Baluchistan is one of the most troubled and poorest provinces of Pakistan. Bordering with Afghanistan and Iran, Baluchistan is rich in oil, gas, and minerals, but nevertheless its development has been hindered by the turbulence prevailing in the country. This feeling of injustice among the Baloch population has caused decades of long battle between the Baloch separatists and the Pakistani government. The Pakistani army and security forces are accused by the Baluchistan population of not only usurping their wealth, but also violating their fundamental rights. These protests have led to more abuse, persecution and are even inflicted by Pakistani officials. Enforced disappearances of Baloch political workers have been described by human rights NGOs as a widespread practice in Pakistan, allegedly orchestrated by the Pakistani authorities. According to a report issued by the Commission of inquiry on enforced disappearances in 2013, 209 cases of missing Baloch political workers have been reported. Of these, 61 missing persons have been recovered and 24 mutilated dead bodies have been found in different parts of the province up till now. Additionally, according to a March 2013 UN human rights council report the number of missing people could reach up to 14,000.  READ MORE;

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