Sunday, March 23, 2014


They also considered the languages here as a threat to their dominance and set about to change that ...The atrocities against the Baloch or the ravages against the Bengalis, the recent burning of the Hindu Dharmshala in Larkana or the carnages against the Hazaras or Christians sadden me deeply as do all the brutal and senseless attacks on nationalities or minorities in the length and breadth of the ‘land of pure’. However these horrendous attacks have never surprised me; had there been peaceful coexistence between different nationalities or religious and sectarian harmony; it would have surely surprised me because the basis of all that is wrong here lies in the creation of this state on the basis of religion.
Sheikh Saadi says,
Khist-e-Awal choon nahd Maymaar Kaj Ta Suraiya mee rawad Dewaar Kaj.
Translation,  If the wall’s first brick by the Mason is wrongly laid To Heavens it taken be; tis’ll remain but wrongly laid.             When the power assuming elite, for its ulterior motives, of a colonized land imposes the blatant untruth that the religion is the bedrock of nationhood on the people with different history, culture and ethos inhabiting the land they are set to assume power in then we get the dreadful mess what we see today in Pakistan. The ruling elite tried to over-ride the existing historical and cultural ethos with a specious and spurious one based on religion alone which they thought would unite all by doing away with the old ethos. Blind to history they did not see that there were many Muslim countries but were separate nations or people and not united on religious basis. They committed the crime of fabricating (pun intended) a Muslim ethos.  READ MORE;

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