Thursday, August 6, 2015

Sindhis and Balochs protests against ruthless military operation in Balochistan and brutal murder of Raja Dahir Bhambro

Press Release
On the 2nd August 2015, the Baloch and Sindhi communities in the UK gathered in front of UK Prime Minister’s 10 Downing Street residence in London to protest against the ruthless military operation in Balochistan, particularly the current operation in Awaeran and brutal murder of Sindhi nationalist leader Raja Dahir Bhambro.  The protest rally was organized by World Sindhi Congress (WSC) in collaboration with Baloch Human Rights Council (UK), Baloch Students and Youth Association and Baloch Republican Party. A large number of Sindhis, Balochs and representatives of other human rights organisations participated in the protest rally which was addressed by Abdullah Baloch of Balochistan National Movement, Mr Graham Williamson of Nations Without States, Mansoor Baloch of Baloch Republican Party, Mir Ghulam Hussain of Baloch Human Rights Council (UK), Noordin Mengal, the Baloch Human Rights Campaigner and Dr Hidayat Bhutto and Dr Lakhu Luhana of World Sindhi Congress.
The rally chanted slogans against the killing of the Baloch and Sindhi people by Pakistan army.  The speakers strongly condemned the ruthless and inhumane military operation in Awaran, Balochistan against civilian people in which hundreds of innocent lives have been lost. The speakers also strongly condemned the brutal murder of Sindhi nationalist leader Raja Dahir Bhambro.
The speakers requested that the international community raise their efforts and put more pressure on the Pakistani government to stop the military operation in Balochistan and disappearances and extrajudicial killings of Sindhi and Baloch people.
At the end of the rally, a delegation comprising of Dr Hidayat Bhutto, Noordin Mengal, Samad Baloch, Ali Memon, Gul Sanai and Dr Lakhu Luhana went to 10 Downing Street to submit the memorandum  to Rt. Honourable David Cameron, the British Prime Minster, requesting his help to press on the Pakistani government to stop atrocities against Baloch and Sindhi people. The letter also requested that British aid to Pakistan should be conditioned with strictly observance of human rights.  It was also requested that an international commission should be constituted in order to investigate the crimes against humanity being perpetrated by Pakistan in Balochistan and Sindh.

 View the Pitures of the demo;

Memorandum handed over to Prime Minister David Cameron;

02 August 2015

Rt. Honourable David Cameron
Prime Minister to Her Majesty’s Government
10 Downing Street

Dear Honourable Prime Minster,
Subject: Genocide in Balochistan by Pakistani Army
We would like to draw your kind attention towards the gruesome violations of human rights by the Pakistani armed forces and intelligence agencies in Balochistan during recent months.
Although, violation of human rights is part of the ruthless war, which the Pakistani military has been waging in Balochistan for the last many years, recent killings of civilians and blockage of a whole area in Awaran region of Balochistan has surpassed all previous brutalities. During the month of June and July hundreds of innocent men, women, and children have been mercilessly killed by aerial bombardments, hundreds of thousands have been displaced, and several hundred are missing.
Crude military power has been the only way adopted by almost every Pakistani Government in dealing with the Baloch discontent. The Pakistani army, perceiving the Baloch nationalism as a grave threat to the state, launched major military offensives in Balochistan during 1948, 1958, 1962, and 1973. The ongoing military campaign is the bloodiest one causing internal dislocation of thousands of the Baloch. Violation of basic human rights of the Baloch is the most painful aspect of the Baloch-Pakistan conflict. Extra judicial killings, harassment, kidnapping and inhuman torture of the Baloch leaders, political activists and intellectuals are the normal state responses to the Baloch political mobilization and expression of Baloch national aspirations. The Pakistani military establishment has created numerous religious terrorist organizations as proxy death squads comprised of drug peddlers, dacoits, and social outcasts. These organizations which are working with different nomenclatures have been commissioned by security agencies the task of physically eliminating the Baloch intellectuals, political, and human rights activists. The graphic details of human rights violation in Balochistan have been published by different non-governmental organizations and international humanitarian institutions affiliated with the United Nations.
There has been a steady rise in the magnitude of the abduction of the Baloch by Pakistani secret agencies for the last many months.The situation for the Baloch is alarming. They are living a life at the gunpoint in the shadows of inhuman atrocities by the most atrocious state establishment in contemporary world. The war against the Baloch is being waged without witnesses. They are refusing access to foreign observers, journalists and humanitarian organizations. We believe that no state should be above International Laws. Those who are responsible for grave violation of human rights must be held accountable The Baloch are facing a systematic genocide. They need urgent help from the civilized and democratic world. This is high time for the international community to rise and act before it is too late for the Baloch.
We request that this petition be taken as an urgent humanitarian appeal. We hope that the honorable Prime Minister may kindly take a personal interest in pushing for a thorough and independent international investigation into the serious abuses of human rights and humanitarian laws by the Pakistani Army in Balochistan. We strongly request you to press the Pakistani army establishment to stop all atrocities against the Baloch political, social and human rights activists and civilians. Your immediate intervention could save not only countless innocent lives but could also prevent the present situation from developing into a total genocide of the defenseless Baloch people.
We will be grateful if Her Majesty’s Government could press for the establishment of an international commission to investigate the heinous crimes against humanity committed by the Pakistani State establishments in Balochistan.

Yours faithfully,

 General Secretary Baloch Human Rights Council (UK)

Noordin Mengal, Baloch Human Rights Campaigner

Lakhu Luhana, Chairman World Sindhi Congress

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