Saturday, January 8, 2011

BHRC calls for international intervention in Balochistan

Press Release
Baloch Human Rights Council (BHRC) strongly condemns the new wave of the extra judicial killings of Baloch youth in Balochistan by Pakistani security agencies.  The bullets riddled mutilated daed bodies of Mr. Qambar Chakar 24, a member of Central Committee of Baloch Student Organisation (BSO) and Ilyas Nezar 26 also a student doing Master in Computer Science (MCS) were found in Pidark near Turbat on 5 January 20011 who were abducted on 26 November 2010 and 22 December 2010  respectively by Pakistani paramilitary forces. The Pakistani military authorities are intensifying their acts of abducting the Baloch political workers, social activists, journalists, intellectuals and students on gunpoint. They keep them in solitary confinement, tortures them to death and then dump their mutilated bodies on roadsides after a few days or weeks. Hundreds of the Baloch including political leaders, students, doctors, journalists and intellectuals have been brutally murdered in this manner during the decade old military operation in Balochistan.
Pakistani military authorities and their proxy death squads are committing crimes against humanity with impunity. The continuing army operation in Balochistan despite the so-called democratic dispensation in Pakistan is a clear signal that the real power remains with the   fascist, fundamentalist rogue army which is ironically being financed and armed by the liberal governments of the West.
BHRC believes that it is high time for international community to reconsider its support to Pakistan . The countries sustaining the Pakistani military through donations must realize that their money and weapons given to their so-called ally in the war against terrorism are being spent to crush the Baloch national resistance with all brutalities. BHRC repeats its appeal for a physical intervention of NATO and the United Nations in Balochistan in order to stop the systematic genocide of the Baloch.
Issued By:
Samad Baloch
General Secretary
Baloch Human Rights Council ( UK )
London                                            Dated: 08/01/11

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