Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Demonstration by Baloch residents in the UK at 10 Downing Street (Sunday 9th January 2011)

Baloch residing in the UK held a peaceful protest on Sunday 9th January 2011, in front of 10 Downing street the official residence of  the prime minister of United Kingdom. The aim of the demonstration was to highlight the accelerating human rights violation in Balochistan by both Iran and Pakistan. Pakistan has carried out extra judicial killings of unarmed Baloch civilians and political activists and the Iranian shia regime has carried out hangings of Baloch civilians and political activists without any trial. Both Iran and Pakistan are committing heinous crimes against humanity in Balochistan.

We would like to thank all those that attended the demonstration and we sincerely hope that the Prime Minister can intervene in the situation in Balochistan and stop such civilian travesties from occurring.

Please go to the BHRC video library to see the speech given by BHRC information secretary Mir Ghulam Hussain at the demonstration.

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