Thursday, June 2, 2011

BHRC Condemns the Assassination of Professor Dashtiyari and Nasim Jangiyan


Press Release
 Baloch Human Rights Council (UK) strongly condemns the cool blooded murders of Prof. Saba Dashtiyari and Nasim Jangiyan by the proxy death squads of Pakistani military agencies.
 Professor was a scholar on Islamic studies and a professor of Balochistan University. He was a poet and writer and was fluent in Arabic & Persian languages. For the last 3 years he was very active in the Baloch national struggle besides doing valuable works on promoting Balochi language & culture and had established a reference Library in Malir.
 Naseem jangian was a political activist of National party and was a prominent leader of the party in the Kech district.
 BHRC believes that the Killings of professor Dashtiyari and Naseem Jangian are irreparable loses for the Baloch nation. BHRC stands with the Baloch nation on this sad moment and shares their grief. We offer our heart felt condolences to the Baloch nation and to the immediate families of Professor Dashtiyari and Nasim Jangiyan.
 We believe that their murder is in accordance with the continuing policy of the occupying forces to physically eliminate the cream of the Baloch society by the death squads of the Pakistani military working under different nomenclatures for the last many years in Balochistan.
 BHRC believes that the crimes of the Pakistani army tantamount to genocide acts punishment under international laws. BHRC appeals to the international community including US, UK and EU to take notice of the brutalities of Pakistani army and its agencies which are involved in crime against humanity  on daily bases in Balochistan. It is high time for the international community to take cognisance of such inhuman activities of the Pakistani army.

 Issued By:

Samad Baloch
General Secretary
Baloch Human Rights Council (UK)   OR
London, 02 June 2011

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