Monday, August 1, 2011

Baloch and Sindhis demand for the US intervention in Balochistan


Press Release

The Baloch and Sindhi communities in the UK demanded physical intervention from the international community in the wake of continued atrocities being committed by the Pakistani military in Balochistan.
A rally organized by Baloch Human Right Council (UK), Balochistan Liberation Organization, and World Sindhi Congress was held in front of the US Embassy in London on July 31, 2011.
The protest was aimed to draw the attention of the international community in general and the US government in particular towards the crimes against humanity being committed by Pakistan in Balochistan. The rally was attended by a huge number of the Baloch and Sindhis in the UK. The patriotic Baloch leader Nawabzada Meer Hayrbiar was also present in the gathering.
The speakers highlighted various brutal acts of the Pakistan army, intelligence agencies and their proxy death squads which included kidnapping, inhuman torture and extrajudicial murder of the Baloch intellectuals, students, doctors, engineers and political activists. Speakers expressed their solidarity with families affected by the inhuman actions of the Pakistani army in Sindh and Balochistan. They condemn the on going Pakistani state terrorism in Balochistan since its illegal forcible annexation and requested the US for immediate intervention in order to save the Baloch from the systematic genocide.  They demanded immediate stoppage of every kind of aid to Pakistan from the US and its allies as it is being used to crush the Baloch and Sindhi national resistance against subjugation and exploitation. Speakers included Abdullah Baloch, Jamshed Amiri, Kader Jatoi, Mir Ghulam Hussain, Faiz Baluch, Mehrab Sarjoi, Zahed Baloch, Mansoor Baloch, Rahim Bandovi, Dr. Lakhu Luhana and Samad Baloch.
A letter will be sent to President Obama urging him for immediate action against Pakistani military establishment and urging him to use the US influence for the trial of Pakistani military officials in the International Criminal Court for the crimes committed against humanity in Balochistan.
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Released by:

Samad Baloch
General Secretary
London   01/08/2011

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