Sunday, April 1, 2012

Pakistan Breakup is Good. Bangladesh is Prosperous, Free Balochistan Now.mp4

Watch Now Aaj kamran khan ke saath – 28th march 2012Bangladesh is getting much prosperous then Pakistan. Its economic growth rate is much faster then present Pakistan. Its currency is much stronger then Pakistani rupee.  Bangladesh is more peaceful and stable then present pakistan while Pakistan is a safe heaven for Islamic jihadies. All local, regional and international terrorists are trained well equipped and sent to  fulfill their evil mission from Pakistan.
Please watch the Video report of Pakistan's own famous tv that Bangladesh has prosperous ed after Independence from Pakistan. The facts and figures issued by a paki analyst are much less then reality but still from a Pakistani ill point of view it is understandable that surely Bangladesh has become a much more viable then Pakistan.
Surely an independent Balochistan with huge resources and a geopolitical status will bring more prosperity, peace and stability in the region and the world

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