Thursday, June 21, 2012

VIEW : The wiping out of the Baloch intelligentsia — Mir Sohaib Mengal

The perpetrators of the Bengali genocide never learnt anything from history. This time the playing field is Balochistan and the targets are Baloch intellectuals
The Khmer Rouge, an organisation that ruled Cambodia from 1975 to 1979, executed almost everyone with an education, or even people who could speak English or wore glasses.
There has always been a cleansing by occupiers and dictators of the intelligentsia who stand out from the masses. The occupiers have reasons to do this as intellectuals and artists, based on their popularity and position in society, are the kind of people who would be most able to influence the masses. The occupiers and dictators want to consolidate their power and eliminate all voices that dissent against them and cause difficulties for their unquestionable impunity.
The suppression of political activists and intellectuals in Chile in 1973, followed by Argentina’s dirty war, where ‘kill and dump’ remained the main tool of crimes against humanity, are some chilling accounts of these tactics.
However, the most terrible case was the killing of intellectuals by the Pakistani army and its collaborators in Bangladesh in 1971. A number of professors of Dhaka University were murdered during the first few days of the war. There was an enormous upsurge in targeted killings of intellectuals during the last few days of the war. It is believed that al-Badr and al-Shams forces created a list of doctors, teachers and scholars and killed almost all of them.

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