Friday, October 26, 2012

Appeal to the The International Community to put pressure on Iranian government to stops Mass arrests and executions of Baloch in Iran

News from various human rights organizations proves that the Iranian regime has planned mass executions and arrests of Baloch people during recent years. In May 2012 in Zahidan Prison two Baloch prisoners were sentenced to death following a demonstration in Rask City and other towns in Sarbaz area. Political prisoner In Zahedan prison, protested the death sentences against their inmates. For the punishment of the involved prisoners, regime exiled most of the political prisoner from Zahedan to other prisons, far from Balochistan. After the last Friday 19th October's Sunny religious extremists suicide killings in Chabhar a coastal city in Balochistan that caused the death of 3 persons including the suicide bomber, and two Baseeji which condemned by Balochistan People Party , a new wave of execution and arrest has started by the Iranian regime. Amnesty international in a statement wrote that: "government was increasingly using the death penalty as a way of stemming unrest in areas with large ethnic minorities. Bomb attacks in the predominantly Arab province of Khuzestan and ethnic Baluch areas of Sistan-Baluchistan province in recent years were followed by a wave of often public executions. Some of the condemned men were shown on state television making "confessions" that are believed to have been extracted from them under torture or other duress."

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