Friday, November 23, 2012

Balochistan faces a multitude of problems under the occupation of Pakistan, A snapshot of Balochistan

Balochistan faces a multitude of problems, including worsening human rights violations, economic stagnation, Talibanisation, sectarian targeted killings, political assassinations, abductions for ransom, mass migration, deteriorating health and education infrastructures, mismanagement of natural resources, skyrocketing corruption, bad governance and institutional breakdown. These issues combined have brought the province to the verge of total collapse. Balochistan is the victim of a deliberate disorder – a crisis that is no longer under the control of the authorities. The intention was to poison the social, political, cultural and ethnic fabric of the province. In the past the province witnessed frequent conflicts with the central government on issues pertaining to the Baloch identity, political rights, economic exploitation, and over-involvement of government agencies in its affairs. Politically focused Baloch groups never used criminal tactics to harm civilians. An unwritten Baloch code, known as rawaj, has been the guiding principle for tribes and individuals. A Baloch violating the code during times of peace and conflict is no more regarded as a trusted and loyal individual in Baloch society.

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