Monday, November 26, 2012

Pakistan grilled by European Parliament for it's Kill and Dump policy in Baluchistan

The Human rights activists in Baluchistan have informed the International human rights community several times about the abduction of members of Baluch National Movement by Pakistani intelligence and how their body were found dumped near their houses but no stringent action has been taken against the concerned authorities despite of tons of evidence collected against the Pakistan authority. 
Alexander Alvaro, Member of European Parliament and member of South Asia Peace Forum (SAPF) slammed Pakistan for numerous reports of Human rights violations in Baluchistan. He particularly showed concern that Baluchistan despite being an international issue; few steps have been taken by the international Community to make Pakistan's intelligence and security agencies answerable for continuing human rights violations in Baluchistan.
He specifically asked Vice-President of the Commission that "Does the European Union envisage the appointment of a special rapporteur for Baluchistan to conduct, with the assistance of the international human rights organisation."? The European Union replied to which that both sides has agreed to reinforce this commitment for respecting human rights and other security issues, although Pakistan is widely being criticized for their Kill and dump occupation in Baluchistan, as much of valid facts are available in hands of many Human rights organizations

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