Saturday, August 31, 2013

Balochistan's natural wealth exploited by pakistan

Natural resources account for a large share of Balochistan’s wealth. Since 1952, Pakistan has been extracting large quantities of gas and coal and, more recently, copper-gold from Balochistan. However, the bleak socio-economic indicators in the province clearly indicate massive corruption, mismanagement and abuse of Baloch natural wealth.  Despite countless natural wealth, Balochistan stands out for its terrible social indicators. It scores lowest in 10 key indicators for education, literacy, health, water and sanitation and has one of the most depressing statistics for the MDGs.  Pakistan has no resource management policy and doesn’t have a transparent and well-established system. The Islamabad elite, in fact, is unwilling to establish or introduce a transparent system to channel natural-resource earnings towards human development. Balochistan’s multi-billion copper-gold project, Saindak, was gifted to a Chinese company without any transparency by Musharraf in 2002 – and recently extended for another five years – without sharing a single clause of the agreement with the public or parliament. Not only has Balochistan’s copper-gold been looted, the province’s prime land has been allotted by the Foreign Office to Arab royals and dignitaries to hunt the endangered Houbara Bustard. In return, the royals shower expensive gifts on the country’s retired military and political elite.  And more recently, Islamabad mysteriously announced the handing over of the strategically significant Gwadar Port to the Chinese – again without a transparent process. This clearly shows how Balochistan’s resources are treated as personal property

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