Thursday, April 5, 2012

Five questions for Pakistan about al-Qaeda, The country can’t keep ducking questions about bin Laden and his accomplices’ decade-long sojourn there.

Let’s see if we’ve got the numbers straight: Osama bin Laden lived in five houses in Pakistan, fathered four children there, kept three wives who took dictation for his rambling directives to his terror network, had two children born in public hospitals — and through it all, the Pakistani government did not know one single thing about his whereabouts? Can this possibly be true? I suppose that if US intelligence officials could fail to connect the dots about the 9/11 plot, then perhaps Pakistan’s Inter-Services Intelligence directorate could be equally incompetent. And US officials, with the cautious tone of witnesses who hope they won’t have to testify at the trial, keep repeating that they haven’t found the “smoking gun” that would confirm official Pakistani knowledge about the al-Qaeda chief hiding in Abbottabad.
Answering for Osama bin Laden

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