Monday, June 25, 2012

Nations are products of long historical and evolutionary processes

There is absolutely no challenge to what the army does or has done in the past and this too is a natural corollary of the genesis of this state
Nations are products of long historical and evolutionary processes; most present nation states evolved thus. But when states are formed on an artificial basis of contrived nationhood or on the basis of religion, as was the case with Pakistan and Yugoslavia, they of necessity turn into fascist states, dominated by a militarist ideology. Serb-dominated Yugoslavia denied rights to other nationalities and eventually imploded. Pakistan by claiming to be the legatee of the glory of Islam burdened itself with heavy historical baggage, but then it could not have done otherwise as it was that claim that it wanted to justify its artificial existence with. Consequently, Pakistani rulers in keeping with its elite’s interests curtailed national rights of different nationalities, and forced them to rally under the banner of religion and to accept its ideology by upholding their brand of Pakistani nationalism.

قومیں طویل تاریخی اور ارتقائی عمل کی پیداوار ہیں؛ موجودہ دور کی زیادہ تر قومی ریاستیں اسی طرح تشکیل پائیں۔ لیکن جب ریاستوں کی قومیت کو کسی مصنوعی بنیاد پراختراع کیا جائے یا مذہب کی بنیاد پر قائم کیا جائے، جیسا کہ پاکستان، اسرائیل اور یوگوسلاویہ کے ساتھ معاملہ تھا، تو ضرورت کے تحت یہ فاشسٹ ریاستوں میں تبدیل ہوجاتی ہیں، جن پر جنگی جنون کا ایک نظریہ غالب ہوجاتا ہے۔

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