Monday, June 25, 2012

Pakistan and its Nukes are threat for World Peace & stability

Unconfirmed sources have just revealed that Pakistan has been quietly moving nuclear missiles close to the Indian border (Poonch-Jammu region) where there had been indiscriminate shelling from the Pakistan Army that killed some Indian soldiers and citizens and destroyed property worth millions of Indian Rupees. Even though a meeting was held between Army Commandants of Pakistan and the Indian Army, the newest development is believed to be orchestrated by Lt. Gen. Muzaffar Hussain Usman.  
The Pakistan Army is readying itself for yet another coup, emboldened by the disqualification of the previous Prime Minister, Gilani, by the Supreme Court of Pakistan.  The movement of the missiles is to send a warning to India that the Pakistan Army was in complete control of its country and that any major assault by the Indian Army in the Poonch area to punish Pakistan for the indiscriminate shelling would be met with missiles, nuclear missiles. 

It is assumed that this ‘game’ is being played to show the Americans that the Pakistan Army can and will use its missiles in the event of a war. Experts believe that this is a message to the Americans who are frustrated by Pakistan’s inaction against cross border terrorism in NWFP and the deadly Haqqani Network. 

Adding to this is the recent capture of Sayed Zabiuddin Ansari alias Abu Hamza who was arrested by the Delhi police on June 21. It’s not clear where he was found, or how. Sources say India worked closely with Saudi Arabian intelligence officials to track him down.  Hamza is a much-wanted terrorist who was among six instructors or handlers of the men who attacked Mumbai on 26/11 in which 166 people were killed  in 2008. Incidentally Hamza was directing the terrorist attack from a place in Karachi! 
India has been seeking the arrest of Lashkar-e-Tayiba chief Hafeez Saeed and the Underworld Don Dawood Ibrahim, both who reside in Karachi under the benign protection of the Paksitan Army and the ISI for the bloody Mumbai terrorist attack. 
Sources close to the Pakistani Army have confirmed that the movement of the missiles are a direct result of an impending coup and possible massive escalation of fighting along the Pak-Afghan border. This could be translated into the Pakistan Army actually entering Afghanistan and capturing territory which would act as a buffer zone to protect its own borders from US-Afghan Special Forces. One cannot rule out the backing of Iranian Forces.

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