Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Editorial: Unabated Violence Against the Balochs in Karachi

There is no gainsaying the fact that the Balochs are among the indigenous people of  Karachi who have lived there even centuries before the creation of Pakistan. Today, they face enormous challenges and their future in Karachi looks deeply bleak.  Although Karachi has historically served as the birthplace of Baloch nationalism and culture, it is very unfortunate that Baloch nationalist politics failed to thrive in this important port city. The reasons for this failure are obvious: Neither the Pakistani Establishment nor the PPP wanted the Balochs to stand for their own rights under a home-made platform. As a result, the bulk of the Baloch vote in Karachi went to the Peopel’s Party. On its part, the PPP has totally disappointed the Baloch. It has utterly failed to protect the lives of the people living in Baloch communities. In addition, the infrastructure and the state of human development for the Balochs living in Karachi is absolutely unchanged and abysmal. The PPP and MQM have collectively made life miserable for the Balochs. It is very important that the Baloch population in Karachi stands for its own rights not solely under the platform of PAC which has not fully gotten rid of the PPP’s influence. The Balochs living over there should form their own political party to make sure that their rights are protected. Currently, the MQM has made life so difficult for the Balochs that young men from there cannot go to the city’s commercial areas for employment opportunities and even colleges and universities. The Balochs fear they would  be target killed either by the MQM or by the security forces. If MQM’s attitude toward the Baloch does not change,  the situation will unfortunately lead to deeper economic marginalization of the Baloch and more ethnic confrontation.

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