Wednesday, September 12, 2012

2 teenagers amongst 8 Baloch political prisoners risk imminent execution in Iran

The Balochistan Peoples Party appeals to pressure the Iranian government to stop mass execution of innocent Baloch people.
Below is an article published by the Balochistan Peoples Party
The latest report from Iranian official news and human right organizations stated that after shortened courts procedures some Baloch political prisoners have been sentences to death. According to Human Rights and Democracy Activists in Iran, 8 Baloch political prisoners risk imminent execution. According to Human Rights and Democracy Activists two of the death sentenced prisoners were teenagers at the time of their arrest. They were detained by the Intelligence service and after enduring months of physical and psychological torture by interrogators from the Ministry of Information were forced to make televised confessions against themselves. They lacked access to attorney in the court, and it took few minutes for the court to read their alleged crimes and all of them were sentenced to death. 
 The two teenagers that have been sentenced to death are:
1-     Abdulwahab Rigi was arrest in September 2010 when he was seventeen years old and he was exiled to Qazvin prison in May 2012. Despite of his young age he is placed alongside dangerous criminals awaiting inhuman execution sentence.
2-     Mehrollah Rigi was arrested in September 2010 in a raid by agents of the Ministry of Information when he was just 17 years old as well. He was tortured physically and mentally for months by the Information Ministry and was sentenced to death in a few minutes after the court session had started.  Currently he is exiled to Semnan Prison awaiting his death sentence. Read more,

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