Sunday, November 11, 2012

Dust and Ashes: Pakistani Supreme Court prescribing more of the same medicine to Baloch

The Supreme Court exercise, which ostentatiously began for addressing Baloch grievances regarding missing persons, has ended up prescribing more of the same medicine. The interim order has thoroughly exposed itself as the establishment’s policy statement, which encourages employing brute force to coerce the Baloch to remain compliant and submissive to the dictates of the state. Declaring the incompetent Raisani government — which is but a tool in the hands of the Centre and the army — illegal because it has not yet been able to suppress the Baloch struggle for their rights is not surprising. The order demands of the Centre to replace it with a more uncompromising direct rule. The Baloch do not really care either way. A person asked someone’s opinion regarding the better qualities of himself and his brother. He was bluntly told that if you were dust he was ashes and vice versa. There will be no change for the Baloch, come dust or ashes.  Daily Times - Leading News Resource of Pakistan - COMMENT : Dust and ashes — Mir Mohammad Ali Talpur

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