Sunday, November 11, 2012

PAKISTAN: The stereo-type statement of the foreign minister during the UN UPR made her a laughing stock

Photo: Pakistan Ke Taraf Se Baloch Ka Khoon Bahaya Ja Raha Hai,Jo Baloch Pakistan K Iss Rawaiye K Bawajud Pakistan Se Wafadari Rakhte Hai Wo Qomi Gaddar Hai.
List of HR Challenges during January 2012- to date:-
External issues:
Hostile Relationship with neighbouring countries including Afghanistan, Iran, India on cross-border terrorism and import of religious militancy and fundamentalism
Internal Crises:
  • Military Operation in Baluchistan
  • Religious Minorities (persecution of Christians, forced conversion of Hindu girls, migration of Hindus from Sindh, sponsored targeted persecution of Ahmadis)
  • Women’s Rights
  • Militant Attacks and Counterterrorism
  • (Suicide bombings, armed attacks, and killings by the Taliban, al Qaeda, and their affiliates targeted nearly every sector of Pakistani society, including journalists and religious minorities, resulting in hundreds of deaths.)
  • Over Weaponization and Ethnic Terrorists Outfits in  Karachi
  • Freedom of Media
  • Disappearance of Political Leaders and Workers of Sindh and Baluchistan

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