Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Enforced Disappearances: Five more Baloch abducted from Sui town of Dera Bugti, Balochistan

Five more Baloch have been abducted on Monday as the security forces and intelligence agencies of Pakistan continue their nasty game of enforced disappearances in Occupied Balochistan. According to the residence of Bugti colony neighborhood of Sui town, a large number of vehicles of Pakistan army, intelligence agencies and their local death squad (also known as so-called Peace Force or Sarkari Lashkar) sealed off the vicinity and conducted a door-to-door search operation. The sanctity of households was violated as the forces and their local goons broke in to the houses without any ‘legal’ warrant. Women and children were harassed and the men were tortured. At least five Baloch men were abducted during the raid and later a Baloch activist from Sui tweeted their names and identified them as Chando Bugti s/o Molkhan Bugti, Nawab Din Bugti s/o Mehr Ali Bugti, Ali Jan Bugti s/o Naari Bugti, Mhetto Bugti s/o Bahar Khan Bugti and Khaliq Bugti s/o Raja Bugti. Within last decade, more than 15,000 Baloch activists, students, lawyers, teachers, political workers and leaders, human rights campaigner hence people from all walks of life belonging to the Baloch nationality have been forcefully abducted by the armed forces of Pakistan, their intelligence wings and death squads. http://abdulbugti.wordpress.com/2012/11/06/enforced-disappearances-five-more-baloch-abducted-from-sui-town-of-dera-bugti-balochistan/

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