Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Editorial: 1000 Unique Days of Peaceful Protest

The Voice for Missing Baloch Persons(V.M.B.P.), on December 19, completed 1000 days of consecutive peaceful protest against enforced disappearances torture and brutal killing of Baloch citizens by Pakistani security forces. What was indeed an absolutely unique and prolonged protest of historic proportion, the landmark struggle of those consistently fighting for justice was barely covered by the Pakistani media. While the past 1000 days can be recounted as the days of patience, courage and peaceful struggle mostly from the family members and relatives of those who have been subjected to disappearance, these days can also be described as the 1000 days of stark failure of the federal and the provincial governments, the powerful judiciary, the international community and global human rights organizations to end the agonizing cycle of disappearances and murder in Balochistan.

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