Monday, February 18, 2013

COMMENT : Baloch missing persons: a soul rending saga — I — Mir Mohammad Ali Talpur

People view these atrocities disinterestedly because the Baloch missing and dead have been relegated to merely statistical status   The silent anguished cry of the Baloch missing persons and their devastated relatives is loud enough to rend the very soul of humanity, but seemingly, it has no effect on the mainstream society and media here, both deaf to this anguished cry. Society at large and the media either refuse to see what is happening in Balochistan or try to justify the atrocities. All state institutions aid and abet in this crime, forcing the affected people to risk life and limb to express their pain. Little wonder then that in Karachi on February 10, a large Baloch rally carried banners and placards demanding freedom. They carried a large independent Balochistan flag, knowing well that the unforgiving Pakistani state even punishes people who go to receive the dead bodies of abducted people. Gullay, son of Bahar Khan Pirdadani, had received the bodies of relatives — two forcibly disappeared brothers, my former students Mohammad Khan and Mohammad Nabi — and is missing since August 15, 2012. The state does not even want a decent burial for those it kills.\02\17\story_17-2-2013_pg3_2

The Pakistani state is unforgiving and brutal in its treatment of the Baloch and it continues to deny responsibility by presenting flimsy excuses   READ PART 2\02\18\story_18-2-2013_pg3_2

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