Thursday, November 28, 2013

15 years-old Baloch student tortured body found in Balochistan

BALOCHISTAN: The mutilated body of a 15 years-old Baloch student has been found in Soraap area of Washuk in Balochistan on Monday(November 25, 2013)According to sources, Pakistani secret forces abducted Muslim Baloch, son of Master Imam-ul-Deen Baloch seven month ago when he going to Khuzdar along with his family. Young Muslim Baloch was a student of 9th standard.  The Baloch community and student organizations condemn the state “kill and dump” policy and strongly criticised Dr. Malik Baloch, the Cheif Minister of Balochistan and Hasil Benzinjo, and added: “the discovery of the body of young Baloch student exposed the lies of National Party leaders.”  Few days ago Hasil Bezinjo had claimed in an interview with BBC Urdu that “National Party government has stop the recovery of tortured and mutilated bodies”.   Separately, two people including a government employee and a member of Baloch National Party (Mengal) were killed in separate incidents in Balochistan.  According to official sources, unidentified motorcyclists opened fire on Revenue Department Superintendent Abdul Hakeem Shahwani, killing him on the spot.  In another incident, unidentified attackers gunned down Muhammad Gul, BNP candidate for local bodies’ polls in Khuzdar near Arbab Complex. Courtesy  Baluch Sarmachar

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  1. Aoa,

    My purpose of writing you today is to ask you a question about the situation. Regarding kill and dump policy, I was wondering that whether you or any other Baloch party has ever contacted Peace Brigade International (PBI) for protective accompaniment of your workers and other activists in Balochistan?
    It is an international organization that sends highly trained human rights observers at the request of local people to protect communities threatened by political establishment. It works on the premises of in the presence of international witnesses, political authorities hesistate in carrying out their atrocities. PBI has been successfully deployed and protect communities in Mexico, Guatemala, Nepal, Indonesia and other countries. They basically create a safe space for activists to carry out their non violent struggle.

    PBI volunteers settle in threatened communities for long term working on the principle of non-interference and neutrality providing protection through their extensive communication network at international level that is mobilized at a rapid speed in case of an attack on the activists.

    Kindly let me know of your opinion regarding deployment of PBI in Balochistan and whether it is feasible mobilize PBI for Baloch cause.
    Waiting anxiously for your response.