Thursday, November 28, 2013

Prominent Baloch Lawyer and 5 other activists abducted by Pakistan State agencies

With the change in Army command on November 27, a crackdown against the people in Balochistan started. A prominent lawyer, Mr. Haider KB son of Khuda Bux age 33, resident of Koshkalat, was arrested by plain clothed persons riding in a non registered two door jeep. The police stations in Quetta, capital of Balochistan province, deny his arrest. Police say when forces from security agencies abduct persons they do not bring them to any police station, such agencies keep arrested persons in their own custody. Mr. KB was the member of Kech Bar Association and he was also a member of the HRCP Especial Task Force and as well the director of the English Language Center. After leaving Court on the way to his home he was abducted in the middle of Chahsir and Dashti Market. The lawyers from Balochistan have boycotted the court proceeding in protest of his abduction. The different nationalist and political groups have also staged demonstration in protest of his arbitrary arrest.  The security forces also abducted five activists from Sui, Dera Bugti, Balochistan in the afternoon of the same day. The abducted persons are 1. Mengal son of Jalalan.2 Chanchol son of Mengal.3 Latef son of Mangal.4 Murad son of Labba, and 5 Mahumad son of Guwaram Bugti. The Sui area has remained for many years under the direct military rule and the former governor of the province was killed in a bombardment by the former military regime of General Musharraf.  On November 27 the prime minister announced the new command of the Pakistan army by appointing General Raheel Sharif. The appointment has started yielding its results. On the other hand the chief justice of Pakistan, Justice Iftekhar Mohammad Choudhry has angrily followed the cases of disappearances and asked the Minister of Defence to appear before the court on November 28 and produce 35 missing persons who were handed over to Pakistan by the Afghan authorities in 2009. Since then they have not been seen or accounted for. The latest crackdown against Baloch people is a clear message to the Supreme Court by abducting activists.

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